Kidrobot’s Bumblebee Man

Bumblebee Man with box
Ay, ay ay! No me gusta!

The latest designer vinyl figure from Kidrobot‘s Simpsons range features Bumblebee Man, the Mexican star of Channel Ocho’s frenetic slapstick comedy show. Measuring six and three quarter inches tall Bumblebee Man is a larger version of the three inch figure originally released in the first wave of Kidrobot/Simpsons blind boxes from 2008.

Similar to Kidrobot’s other vinyl figures, Bumblebee Man is modelled in the Kawaii (‘cute’) style, moulded in tough brightly coloured vinyl and ships in a large sturdy cardboard box. There is limited articulation in his head, arms and wings and he comes with one accessory, his signature oversized fly swatter.

Bumblebee Man is the twelfth oversized figure from The Simpsons range and he is easily one of my favourites – second only to the Buddha Homer figure – and I really like his transparent blue wings, which are a nice touch. I particularly like how Kidrobot are choosing secondary characters to release in these larger sizes instead of going with more obvious characters, like The Simpsons themselves.

As with all Kibrobot’s six inch toys numbers of the Bumblebee Man figure are limited, and although it was only released a couple of months ago it has already sold out on Kidrobot’s website. Ebay still has a few left but they are increasing in price (currently £40+) so anyone wanting their own figure should act fast. Ironically, anyone wishing to buy the original three inch figure will have to pay a great deal more as it was originally released in a 1/96 ratio when it shipped in a blind box and is now extremely rare. For those unlucky enough to miss out entirely I’ve posted a few images so you can see what he looks like.

Bumble Bee Man – all sides