Kidrobot’s Nibbler


Autumn of 2012 saw another addition to Kidrobot’s range of designer vinyl toys inspired by cult TV show Futurama.

Nibbler (or Lord Nibbler to give him his full appellation) was first introduced in the season one episode Love’s Labours Lost in Space; a seeming unintelligent, ravenously hungry pet alien whose poop can fuel starships. Voiced by voice-acting legend Frank Welker Nibbler quickly became one of the show’s most popular characters, so it’s only fitting that he should receive the oversized Kidrobot treatment.

Measuring six and a half inches in height the toy features articulation to his head and arms and comes with one accessory: his poop filled litter tray. This large version is an almost exact replica of the one from the three inch blind-box collection released by Kidrobot in 2009.

Kidrobot's Nibblers

Fans of Kidobot’s other oversized toys will recognise the same well-made, satisfyingly chunky quality that characterises all their figures. And like the other toys in the range, Nibbler ships in his own specifically designed box, which replicates a wooden Planet Express packing crate.

Despite the age of the toy, its limited edition status (and his undeniable appeal) Nibbler isn’t that expensive to track down, selling for around the £/$40 mark on Amazon and ebay. I’m a great fan of the little Nibblonian so picking one up for my collection was a no-brainer (geddit?). For those on the fence about shelling out for the little fella I’ve taken a few photos to help you make up your mind.

Kidrobot's Nibbler, all sides