O Gnomo, Portuguese edition of The Hobbit (1962)

O Gnomo, 1962 by Antonio Quadros

I’d planned something different for this week’s post but a broken metacarpal means this will have to be another quick post. It’s a good ‘un though…

Published in 1962 by Livraria Civilizaçâo this hardback Portuguese edition of JRR Tolkien’s The Hobbit (O Gnomo) sports a charming cover by António Quadros. Quadros, a comic book artist and graphic designer, also contributed 20 black and white illustrations to accompany the text (see below).

O Gnomo, 1962 by Antonio Quadros, back cover
The back cover

Quadros, who passed away in 1994, was the first Portuguese artist to interpret Tolkien’s work and a fine job he did too. Aiming his drawings squarely at kids (contemporary fans of the book seem to forget Tolkien’s novel was a children’s story) his illustrations are both sweet and fun. I particularly like his take on Gollum, who appears to owe more to Russian monk Rasputin than Tolkien’s original description. Unfortunately not everyone felt the same way about Quadros’ work – Tolkien himself disliked the Portuguese artist’s illustrations, describing them as “horrible”.

I disagree, but judge for yourself…

O Gnomo, 1962 by Antonio Quadros

O Gnomo, 1962 by Antonio Quadros