The A.B.C Warriors

The A.B.C Warriors, Books 1-4 (Titan Books)

The A.B.C Warriors, Titan Books

In 1981 Titan Books began reprinting stories from 2000AD, the weekly British science fiction anthology comic. Fan-favourite Judge Dredd was the first to receive the reprint treatment but other popular strips from ‘The Galaxy’s Greatest Comic’ soon followed, including four volumes starring The A.B.C Warriors.

The Atomic ∗ BacterialChemicalWarriors first appeared in 2000AD Prog #119 (cover dated 30th June 1979) and comprised of a ragtag ensemble of intelligent robots created to fight in the Volgan War, a long-running conflict that crossed over into  other 2000AD strips. The Warriors consisted of Hammerstein and Ro-Jaws (who had already appeared in Mills’ Ro–Busters), along with religious zealot Deadlock, the narcissistic Joe Pineapples, the treacherous Blackblood, the non-too-bright Mongrol, The Mess (a melted down robot in a flask) and insane killdozer Mek-Quake.

ABC Warriors Book Two intro page
Mike McMahon’s intro page to Book Two

The strip was created by 2000AD founding Editor Pat Mills and was actually a follow up (technically a prequel) to Ro-Busters. Artists for the early A.B.C stories included Dave Gibbons, Simon Bisley, Brett Ewins, Brendan McCarthy, S.M.S (real name Simon Short), Kevin O’Neill, Carlos Ezquerra and Mike McMahon.

Between 1983 and 1988 Titan Books published four volumes of stories featuring The A.B.C Warriors, all reprinted from 2000AD. The books measured 22 x 28cm and included 64-80 pages of black and white material with a stiff full-colour cover. The volumes also included some original artwork commissioned especially by Titan Books and well as new covers by O’Neill (Book One), Mike McMahon (Book Two) and Simon Bisley (Books Three and Four).

Since their debut The A.B.C Warriors have proved consistently popular with readers of 2000AD, and reprints of their exploits have appeared in many forms over the years. Although these early Titan volumes are now out of print I still have a soft spot for these collections. Maybe it’s because they were the first time these stories were reprinted, or maybe it’s the terrific covers, but they sit pride of place on my shelf along with my other Titan collections from the 1980s.

Here are all four volumes of The A.B.C Warriors, with annotations.

The A.B.C Warriors, Titan Books

The A.B.C Warriors Book One

Published March 1983 

Included in this volume:
A new, previously unprinted three page prologue commissioned specially by Titan Books for this collection
ABC Warriors, reprinted from 2000AD Prog #119
Volgow, reprinted from 2000AD Prog #120
Mongrol, reprinted from 2000AD Progs #121-122
The Order of Knights Martial, reprinted from 2000AD
Progs #123-124
The Bougainville Massacre, reprinted from 2000AD Progs #125-126
Steelhorn, reprinted from 2000AD Progs #127-128
Mars, the Devil Planet, reprinted from 2000AD Prog #129
Cyboons (part 1), reprinted from 2000AD Prog #130

Also included in this collection: two new illustrations and a one page drawing by Kevin O’Neill, as well as a reprint of the cover to 2000AD Prog #130

The A.B.C Warriors, Titan Books

The A.B.C Warriors Book Two

Published June 1983 

Included in this volume:
Cyboons (part 2), reprinted from 2000AD Prog #131
The Red Death, reprinted from 2000AD Progs #132-133
Golgotha, reprinted from 2000AD Progs #134-136
Mad George, reprinted from 2000AD Progs #137-139
A new three page Epilogue specially commissioned by Titan Books

Also included in this collection: a new illustration by Mike Mahon; a one page introduction by Kevin O’Neill; a reprint of the cover to 2000AD Prog #130;  ‘Flesh File’ page and three reprinted 2000AD covers from Progs #132, #135 and #138

The A.B.C Warriors, Titan Books

The A.B.C Warriors Book Three

Published October 1988 

Included in this volume:
The Black Hole (part 1), reprinted from 2000AD Progs #555-566

The A.B.C Warriors, Titan Books

The A.B.C Warriors Book Four

Published November 1988 

Included in this volume:
The Black Hole (part 2), reprinted from 2000AD Progs #573-581

Also included in this collection: a reprinted cover from
2000AD Prog #581 and a pin-up of Deadlock.