Marvel Comics Index, vols 5, 6, 7A and 7B (1977-78)



The Marvel Comics Index was complied by George Olshevsky and originally published between 1976 and 1982. Olshevsky, who laid claim to the boast of owning every Marvel comic ever published, created the index utilising his vast collection.

The Marvel Comics Index #06
Page 75 from the Marvel Comics Index #06

Olshevsky, an amateur palaeontologist as well as an avid comic collector, compiled 12 volumes of his Marvel Comics Index featuring some of the comic giant’s most popular titles. In each volume he provided author and artist breakdowns for each story, a guide on using the Indexes, synopsize, introductions, reproductions of comic book covers and lists of guest stars, cameos and villains. At the back of each book was a cross-indexed list of creator credits and character appearances. Olshevsky’s level of detail was truly impressive – before the advent of the Internet these indexes were indispensable for collectors of Marvel’s comics.

The Marvel Comics Index #07B, p2
A guide to using the index, from page 2 of volume 7B

The books, priced between $3.95 –$5.95, measured 215mm x 280mm, and ran from 84 to 120 black and white pages. They featured a full-colour original cover by some of Marvel’s most popular artists, including Neal Adams, Jim Steranko, Bill Everett, Frank Miller and Brent Anderson. The books were published by G & T Enterprises while later volumes were distributed by Pacific Comics.

A cover gallery of Golden age Sub-Mariner comics from Index #7b, page 12

In this selection of indexes we have breakdowns for Marvel mainstays The Mighty Thor, The Hulk, Nick Fury, Doctor Strange and The Sub-Mariner. Also indexed are comics starring Adam Warlock and The Invaders. This batch also includes the first wraparound cover to the collection, Ken Steacy’s cover to Index #7A, Heroes from Tales To Astonish.

Olshevsky originally published the first 12 volumes of his Marvel Comics Index with Marvel’s permission, but when the comic giant saw how successful the indexes had become – Olshevsky won an Inkpot Award at San Diego’s Comic-Con in 1980 – they contracted him directly to write more volumes, which they published throughout the 1980’s.

Below are Indexes #5, #6, #7A and #7B with annotations. I’ve already looked at volumes #1, #2, #3, and #4 here. Next week I’ll post the last four volumes as well as taking a closer look at the artwork commissioned for the series (click here).


Marvel Comics Index #5: The Mighty Thor

Published November 1977
Cover artwork by Tim Conrad

Indexed in this volume:
Journey Into Mystery #83-125; The Mighty Thor #126-266; Journey Into Mystery Annual #1; The Mighty Thor Annual #2-6; Tales of Asgard #1; Giant-Size Thor #1.

The Marvel Comics Index #6, Heroes from Strange Tales

Marvel Comics Index #6: Heroes From Strange Tales

Published December 1977
Cover artwork by Tim Conrad

Indexed in this volume:
Strange Tales #101-188; Strange Tales Annual #1-2; Doctor Strange (vol.1) #169-183; Doctor Strange (vol.2) #1-27; Giant-Size Dr. Strange #1; Dr. Strange Annual #1; Nick Fury, Agent of SHIELD #1-18;
Nick Fury and his Agents of SHIELD #1-5; The Power of Warlock #1-8 and Warlock #9-15

The Marvel Comics Index #7A, Heroes from Tales to Astonish

Marvel Comics Index #7A:
Heroes from Tales To Astonish

Published June 1978
Wraparound cover artwork by Ken Steacy

Indexed in this volume:
The Incredible Hulk (vol 1) #1-6; Tales To Astonish #27-101;
The Incredible Hulk (vol 2) #102-227; The Incredible Hulk Annual #1-7; Giant-Size Hulk #1; The Rampaging Hulk #1-9 and The Hulk! #10

The Marvel Comics Index #7B, Heroes from Tales to Astonish Marvel Comics Index #7B:
Heroes from Tales To Astonish

Published July 1978
Cover artwork by Bill Everett and Dean Motter

Indexed in this volume:
The Sub-Mariner #1-72; The Sub-Mariner Annual #1-2; Astonishing Tales #1-36; Giant-Size Super-Villain Team-Up #1-2; Super-Villain Team-Up #1-14; Giant-Size Invaders #1; The Invaders #1-32 and
The Invaders Annual #1

Also included in this volume is a cover gallery of Golden Age
Sub-Mariner comics