Rogue Trooper

Rogue Trooper, Books 1-7 (Titan Books)

Rogue Trooper Book 2

In 1981 Titan Books began reprinting stories from 2000AD, the weekly British sci-fi comic. Fan-favourite Judge Dredd was the first to receive the reprint treatment and over the next decade other popular strips from ‘The Galaxy’s Greatest Comic’ saw print, including seven volumes starring genetic infantryman Rogue Trooper.

Rogue Trooper first appeared in 2000AD Prog #228 (cover dated 5th September 1981) and featured the exploits of Rogue, a blue-skinned genetically engineered infantry soldier (or ‘G.I’) who fights an never-ending war on the polluted and war-torn Nu-Earth. Accompanying him are the remains of three of his fallen comrades — Bagman, Gunner and Helm — their memories and personalities downloaded into bio-chips that are imbedded into Rogue’s kit.

Rogue Trooper Book 1
The title page from Book 1

The strip was created by veteran comic book scribe Gerry Finley-Day, who also penned fan-favourites Invasion! and The V.C.s. The first artist on the series was 2000AD stalwart Dave Gibbons, who’s finely detailed art style, along with Finley-Days thoughtful and witty scripts, quickly established Rogue Trooper as one of 2000AD most popular strips. After Gibbons’ departure several artists left their stamp on the character, including Colin Wilson, Cam Kennedy, Brett Ewins and Steve Dillion.

Between 1984 and 1990 Titan Books published seven volumes of stories starring Rogue Trooper (for some reason Titan dropped the numbering system for the last volume)all reprinted from 2000AD comic. The books measured 22 x 28cm and included 64-80 pages of black and white material with a stiff full-colour cover. Artists for the specially commissioned covers included Gibbons, Kennedy, Sean Philips, Marvel Comics’ Walt Simonson and Dave McKean, who would go on to enjoy great success as the cover artist for Neil Gaiman’s hugely popular Sandman. These collections also included introductions by Finley-Day and 2000AD Editor Steve MacManus, as well as covers and pin-ups reprinted from 2000AD.

During the 1980’s Titan Books reprinted dozens of volumes featuring 2000AD strips — published under the umbrella title Best of 2000AD. Unsurprisingly Dredd proved the most popular and he starred in over 40 collections. But many other characters — such as Robo-Hunter, The A.B.C WarriorsRo-Busters, Strontium Dog and Nemesis The Warlock  — also received the coveted reprint treatment.

Here are all seven volumes of Rogue Trooper, with annotations.

Rogue Trooper Book 1

Rogue Trooper Book One

Published December 1984
Cover by Dave Gibbons 

Included in this volume:
Rogue Trooper, reprinted from 2000AD Prog #228
Nu Paree, reprinted from 2000AD Prog #229
Glass Zone, reprinted from 2000AD Prog #230
Clash in Doomsday Valley, reprinted from 2000AD Prog #231
Terror of the Decapitators, reprinted from 2000AD Prog #232
Raiders, reprinted from 2000AD Prog #234
Scum Sea, reprinted from 2000AD Prog #235
Ascent to Blizzard-Three, reprinted from 2000AD Progs #236-238
The Rookies, reprinted from 2000AD Progs #239-240
Blue Moon, reprinted from 2000AD Progs #241

Rogue Trooper Book 2

Rogue Trooper Book Two

Published March 1986
Cover by Cam Kennedy 

Included in this volume:
Bagman Blues, reprinted from 2000AD Progs #260-262
Hats off to Helm, reprinted from 2000AD Progs #280-281
Fear of the Machine, reprinted from 2000AD Progs #246-248
The Dreamweavers, reprinted from 2000AD Progs #249-250
The Buzzard, reprinted from 2000AD Progs #251-253
War of Nerves, reprinted from 2000AD Prog #258

Rogue Trooper Book 3

Rogue Trooper Book Three

Published April 1986
Cover by Cam Kennedy 

Included in this volume:
The Body Looters, reprinted from 2000AD Prog #265
All Hell on the Dix-I Front, reprinted from 2000AD Progs #266-277
Assassination Run, reprinted from 2000AD Progs #278-279

Rogue Trooper Book 4

Rogue Trooper Book Four

Published August 1986
Cover by Cam Kennedy 

Included in this volume:
Marauders, reprinted from 2000AD Progs #282-289
Bio-Wire, reprinted from 2000AD Prog #317
Mill-Con Memories, reprinted from 2000AD Progs #318-322

Rogue Trooper Book 5

Rogue Trooper Book Five

Published November 1986
Cover by Walt Simonson 

Included in this volume:
Fort Neuro Prologue, reprinted from 2000AD Prog #290
Fort Neuro, reprinted from 2000AD Progs #291-310

Rogue Trooper Book 6

Rogue Trooper Book Six

Published April 1988
Cover by David McKean 

Included in this volume:
The Hit Man, reprinted from 2000AD Progs #495-499
Hit One, reprinted from 2000AD Progs #520-531

Rogue Trooper Book 7: Future Wars

Rogue Trooper: Future Wars

Published April 1990
Cover by Sean Philips 

Included in this volume:
Colonel Kovert, reprinted from 2000AD Progs #350-355
Message from Mill-Con, reprinted from 2000AD Progs #369-377