The Metamorphosis Odyssey Portfolio,

The Metamorphosis Odyssey Portfolio by Jim Starlin (1980)

The Metamorphosis Odyssey Portfolio

The Metamorphosis Odyssey Portfolio was published in 1980 and featured four full-colour plates by comic book artist Jim Starlin.

Created by Starlin in the late ’70s The Metamorphosis Odyssey was a sprawling space saga starring Dreadstar, a sword wielding hero from a distant future where the Milky Way galaxy has been destroyed. The character first saw print in the premier issue of Marvel Comics’ Epic Illustrated in 1980, before going on to appear in graphic novels published by both Marvel and Eclipse. Starlin had risen to prominence in the 1970’s for his run on Marvel’s Captain Marvel and Warlock, where his thoughtful and intelligent story lines made him popular with comic book fans, and his Dreadstar story continued in much the same vein.

The Metamorphosis Odyssey Portfolio was published by our old friends at SQP, and contained four full-colour plates measuring 11 x 14 inches printed on card stock. The collection shipped in a white envelope (pictured above) with a stiff board inlay and was not numbered or signed.

As for Starlin’s artwork itself,  it’s OK, I guess. As much as I enjoy his writing his artwork has always struck me as being a bit stiff and overworked, and these prints are no exception. I don’t really know enough about the Dreadstar strip to comment on the context of the plates but his paintings are capable if nothing else — definitely one just for the fans I reckon.

Here are all four plates from The Metamorphosis Odyssey Portfolio. Please note: the last plate features female nudity.

The Metamorphosis Odyssey Portfolio

Plate 1: The Meeting of Slayers
The Metamorphosis Odyssey Portfolio
Plate 2: “It’s better this way”
The Metamorphosis Odyssey Portfolio
Plate 3: The Reprive
The Metamorphosis Odyssey Portfolio
Plate 4: Intruder in Paradise