Frazetta II: The Legend Continues Trading Cards #41-60 (1993)


Here are trading cards #41-60 from Frazetta II: The Legend Continues, published by Comic Images in 1993 and featuring the artwork of fantasy artist Frank Frazetta.

Frazetta II: The Legend Continues was the follow-up to an earlier collection by Comic Images, Frazetta. Like its predecessor this set consisted of 90 2.5 x 3.5 inch trading cards that shipped in blind packs of ten. Also included in the collection were six chase cards (three chromium and three spectrascope). The front of each card featured a painting or drawing by Frazetta, with a short — and, it must be said, not particularly informative — caption and pencil sketch on the reverse.

The cover to Doubleday books Dracula and Frankenstein, from 1973
The cover to Doubleday Books’ Dracula and Frankenstein, from 1973

There’s some nice work in this batch of cards, but there’s some dreck too. On the positive side we get The Sacrifice (card #46) which featured a reworked version of the cover to Lancer BooksConan The Avenger. Card #49 (Circle of Terror) originally appeared on the cover of the second issue of Creepy magazine, while #53 featured a suitably atmospheric interpretation of Dracula and Frankenstein that originally appeared on the cover of a Doubleday book from 1973.

Card #54, Two of a Kind, on the other hand is a sadly sexist and rather unpleasant image, and I’m surprised Comic Images included it. I consider myself a Frazetta fan but juvenile crap like this just won’t do (and I’m not a huge fan of Eve, from card #42, either).

Anyway, moaning aside, here are cards #41-60 from Frazetta II: The Legend Continues, both front and back. Click here for cards #1-20 and here for cards #21-40. I’ll post the next 20 cards very soon.

Please note: some of the cards feature female nudity.

frazetta-ii-trading-cards-41a frazetta-ii-trading-cards-41b

Card 41

frazetta-ii-trading-cards-42a frazetta-ii-trading-cards-42b

Card 42

frazetta-ii-trading-cards-43a frazetta-ii-trading-cards-43b

Card 43

frazetta-ii-trading-cards-44a frazetta-ii-trading-cards-44b

Card 44

frazetta-ii-trading-cards-45a frazetta-ii-trading-cards-45b

Card 45

frazetta-ii-trading-cards-46a frazetta-ii-trading-cards-46b

Card 46

frazetta-ii-trading-cards-47a frazetta-ii-trading-cards-47b

Card 47

frazetta-ii-trading-cards-48a frazetta-ii-trading-cards-48b

Card 48

frazetta-ii-trading-cards-49a frazetta-ii-trading-cards-49b

Card 49

frazetta-ii-trading-cards-50a frazetta-ii-trading-cards-50b

Card 50

frazetta-ii-trading-cards-51a frazetta-ii-trading-cards-51b

Card 51

frazetta-ii-trading-cards-52a frazetta-ii-trading-cards-52b

Card 52

frazetta-ii-trading-cards-53a frazetta-ii-trading-cards-53b

Card 53

frazetta-ii-trading-cards-54a frazetta-ii-trading-cards-54b

Card 54

frazetta-ii-trading-cards-55a frazetta-ii-trading-cards-55b

Card 55

frazetta-ii-trading-cards-56a frazetta-ii-trading-cards-56b

Card 56

frazetta-ii-trading-cards-57a frazetta-ii-trading-cards-57b

Card 57

frazetta-ii-trading-cards-58a frazetta-ii-trading-cards-58b

Card 58

frazetta-ii-trading-cards-59a frazetta-ii-trading-cards-59b

Card 59

frazetta-ii-trading-cards-60a frazetta-ii-trading-cards-60b

Card 60