Frazetta II: The Legend Continues Trading Cards #61-80 (1993)


Frazetta II: The Legend Continues, published by Comic Images in 1993, was a trading card collection that featured the artwork of one of fantasy art’s biggest stars,  Frank Frazetta.

This collection, published at the height of the trading card bubble of the early 1990’s, was the follow-up to an earlier set, also by Comic Images: Frazetta. Like its predecessor this second collection consisted of 90 2.5 x 3.5 inch trading cards that shipped in foil wrapped packs of ten; also included were six chase cards (three chromium and three spectrascope). Each card featured a painting or drawing by Frazetta on one side, and a short caption and pencil sketch on the reverse.

This batch of cards featured more of Frazetta’s movie poster work: Luana (card #71), and Attack (#74), which was used to promote Battlestar Galactica. There’s a reproduction of the cover to David Mason’s Kavin’s World (#73), as well as another interpretation of the character that helped cement Frazetta’s reputation as one of fantasy art’s premier artists: Conan (#62).

After Conan Frazetta’s most enduring creation is the Death Dealer, who appears on three cards in this batch (#75, #76 and #77). However my favourite from this selection is Pharaoh’s Tomb (#69). The painting has a terrific sense of impending danger, and I particular like the feeling of depth, as well as Frazetta’s use of lighting — great stuff.

So, here are cards #41-60 from Frazetta II: The Legend Continues, both front and back. Click here for cards #1-20, here for cards #21-40 and here for cards #41-60. I’ll post the last 10 cards — along with the chase cards — very soon.

Please note: some of the cards feature mild nudity.

frazetta-ii-trading-cards-61a frazetta-ii-trading-cards-61b

Card 61

frazetta-ii-trading-cards-62a frazetta-ii-trading-cards-62b

Card 62

frazetta-ii-trading-cards-63a frazetta-ii-trading-cards-63b

Card 63

frazetta-ii-trading-cards-64a frazetta-ii-trading-cards-64b

Card 64

frazetta-ii-trading-cards-65a frazetta-ii-trading-cards-65b

Card 65

frazetta-ii-trading-cards-66a frazetta-ii-trading-cards-66b

Card 66

frazetta-ii-trading-cards-67a frazetta-ii-trading-cards-67b

Card 67

frazetta-ii-trading-cards-68a frazetta-ii-trading-cards-68b

Card 68

frazetta-ii-trading-cards-69a frazetta-ii-trading-cards-69b

Card 69

frazetta-ii-trading-cards-70a frazetta-ii-trading-cards-70b

Card 70

frazetta-ii-trading-cards-71a frazetta-ii-trading-cards-71b

Card 71

frazetta-ii-trading-cards-72a frazetta-ii-trading-cards-72b

Card 72



Card 73



Card 74



Card 75

frazetta-ii-trading-cards-76a frazetta-ii-trading-cards-76b

Card 76

frazetta-ii-trading-cards-77a frazetta-ii-trading-cards-77b

Card 77

frazetta-ii-trading-cards-78a frazetta-ii-trading-cards-78b

Card 78

frazetta-ii-trading-cards-79a frazetta-ii-trading-cards-79b

Card 79

frazetta-ii-trading-cards-80a frazetta-ii-trading-cards-80b

Card 80