Finn 4.5″ vinyl toy from Titans/Cartoon Network

Work deadlines are hitting hard at the moment, so this week’s post will have to be a quickie.

I recently visited the Forbidden Planet store in Cambridge to cash-in a gift voucher I received for my birthday (thanks, James and Nancy). Apart from a couple of books (The Art of Hammer, and DC Showcase World’s Finest Vol. 2) I also picked up a new addition to my (ever-increasing) vinyl toy collection — Finn from Adventure Time.(BTW, I highly recommended the shop, situated on 28-30 Burleigh Street — it may not be huge but it has a good collection of graphic novels and collectibles, and the staff are polite and friendly).

The other figures in the Titans/Cartoon Network collection

In July 2016 Titans released a collection of vinyl toys featuring some of Cartoon Network’s most popular characters. The are 12 toys in the collection, including Samurai Jack, Johnny Bravo, Mordecai (from Regular Show), Steven Universe, and Dexter and Dee Dee from Dexter’s Laboratory. The figures are 3″ tall and come in blind boxes, with some toys being harder to find than others. A couple of the toys have also been released as exclusive 4.5″ figures, including Johnny Bravo and this one that features Adventure Time‘s sword-wielding boy hero, Finn. (Also available is a 6″ Steven Universe figure).

Finn is well designed and solidly built. The toy is made from a slightly softer vinyl than you normally find and he comes with one accessory, his trusty sword.

The paint work is accurate and colourful. I like his excited open mouthed yell — Finn is definitely ready for action. I only have one minor gripe with the figure: I wish his backpack was actually moulded and not just painted on.

The wonderfully surreal Adventure Time is now in it’s eighth season, and the show will sadly come to an end sometime next year; I know I won’t be the only one to miss this entertaining and surprisingly nuanced show.

The Finn 4.5″ vinyl toy, from all sides.

The 3″ figures in the Titans/Cartoon Network collection will set you back £8, but I’m getting a bit too long in the tooth to faff around with blind boxes, so I’ll stick with this 4.5″ version of Finn instead, which cost me £13. I’ll also be keeping an eye out for the Steven Universe 6″ figure too, which is another terrific show of which I’m a great fan.