Judge Dredd statue: Mick McMahon Artist Edition

We’re celebrating the 40th anniversary of 2000AD comic here at Taint the Meat, and this week we’re taking a look at this Judge Dredd statue based upon the artwork of Mick McMahon, one of the definitive Dredd artists.

Inspired by the artwork of one of 2000AD‘s most popular artists the Judge Dredd statue: Mick McMahon Artist Edition was released by Unbox Industries in August 2016, priced at $85. The painted statue measures 10 inches in height and stands on a silver-grey Dredd badge that’s just under an inch tall, making the overall height of the piece a smidge under 11 inches. The statue is made from PVC and ABS, and along with the stand it ships with a choice of three Lawgiver guns. 

The back of the box.

The statue is packaged in a large 30 x 10 x 8 inch full-colour cardboard box that is adorned with some classic examples of McMahon’s artwork, including the cover to Prog #168 and a classic Dredd/Cursed Earth illustration. On the back of the box are photos of the statue as well as a short biography of McMahon and a brief summary of the Dredd character. The logo and the main title on the front of the box have been treated with a glossy spot varnish which makes both elements stand out when the box catches the light (a nice touch). Inside the box the statue is encased by two pieces of transparent blister packaging that also holds the two extra Lawgiver guns in place. The snap together blister packaging, along with the thick cardboard box appears to be sufficient to ensure the statue isn’t damaged in transit (and indeed my copy arrived safe and sound).

What’s inside the box.
The magnetised base of the statue.

The Judge Dredd statue: Mick McMahon Artist Edition ships with a stand that has been modelled after Dredd’s distinctive badge. The stand measures 7 x 7 x ¾ inches and has been sculptured to appear as if it’s made from weathered gun-metal. The base and the soles of Dredd’s feet have been magnetised to insure that the statue always stands in the same position (again, a really nice touch).

The statue comes with a choice of three Lawgivers, two Mk1’s and a Mk2.

Also included with the statute are a choice of three Lawgiver guns, Dredd’s weapon of choice. Each gun comes with Dredd’s hand attached and each slots onto his right wrist easily and seamlessly. The moulding on the guns is of a very high quality — on each gun you can clearly make out the numbers on the dial, as well as the selection arrow. And there is some nice detailing on the gun’s grips; Unbox has put a great deal of effect into ensuring that all three versions of the Lawgiver reflect their comic book counterpart. 

Now for the statue itself. The paintwork on the piece is of a high quality, with weathering added to Dredd’s green elbow pads, gloves and boots as well as his shoulder pads. The gold paintwork of his badge, chain and belt buckle also have some nice shading and I particularly like the addition of Dredd’s signature lightening bolt reflections on his visor. The amount of moulded detail is also impressive, especially on his shoulder pads and badge. It would have been nice if Unbox had made Dredd’s uniform look a little more like the black biker leather it’s supposed to be, that that’s a minor quibble. Overall this is an impressive statue, one worthy of the future lawman.

Despite all the good things I have to say about this statue I do have one more gripe: I wish it looked a little more like McMahon’s artwork. Sure, the statue has the big knee pads, elbow pads and (of course!) McMahon’s trademark big feet, but it would be nice if a little more of his finely detailed artwork was reflected in the piece. I probably wouldn’t have guessed the statue was based on McMahon’s artwork if I hadn’t have already known, in fact I probably would have assumed the piece was a maquette taken from a animated Judge Dredd TV show. This is a minor quibble though and it certainly doesn’t detract from my enjoyment of the statue… it’s just a shame there isn’t a little more McMahon in the piece.

The statue from all sides.

Overall the Judge Dredd statue: Mick McMahon Artist Edition is a great piece, and a valued addition to my collection. One of the best features of the statue though must be its price — I picked up my copy for £70 and at that price it’s a bargain, a real steal. For a statue of this size and quality I’d expect to pay over a £100, so to find it retailing at such a low price was a very pleasant surprise.

What are YOU looking at…

At the moment Unbox don’t appear to have plans for any more Artist Edition Dredd statues, but I hope they’ll carry on and do some more. Personally I’d love to see a Brian Bolland or Carlos Ezquerra statue, or any based on the artwork of the classic Dredd artists — it’s not like there isn’t plenty of classic interpretations of the character to choose from. More please!

(I got a little snap-happy taking photos of the statue so for those still on the fence about picking up their own copy, here are a few more images of the statue).