Marvel Masterpieces 1994 Edition Trading Cards by The Hildebrandt Brothers, cards #76-100

Marvel Masterpieces 1994 Edition was a trading card collection by fantasy artists Greg and Tim Hildebrandt that featured paintings of superheroes and villains from the Marvel Comics universe. This batch features cards #76-100.

Released by Fleer the set comprised of 140 trading cards measuring 2½ x 3½ inches that shipped in blind gold foil packs of ten cards per pack. Each card featured a full-colour painting on one side (along with a gold foil logo) and on the reverse was a biography of that character and a short caption by the brothers. Several chase cards were inserted randomly into packs — these included gold, silver, bronze and red holofoils, as well as ‘Signature’ cards.

There’s some nice artwork in this batch of cards. A rather dramatic Mr. Fantastic (card#76) kicks of this batch followed by an aggressive-looking Mr. Hyde (#77). I like the eerie space-themed background to the Nebula card (#82) as well as the brooding majesty of Odin (#87). The Red Skull card is wonderfully menacing (#98), while the Rhino (#100) has a great sense of power and movement. My favourite from this batch though must be Namor (#81), which is ironic has the character has never been one of my favourites. The colour work in this painting is just gorgeous however — those glowing sea anemones are wonderfully vibrant and alive. This painting really shows the Hildebrandt Brothers at their very best.

Here are cards #76-100 of the Marvel Masterpieces 1994 Edition by the Hildebrandt Brothers, both front and back. The next 20 cards are here.

Card #76: Mr. Fantastic

Card #77: Mr. Hyde

Card #78: Mondo

Card #79: Morbius

Card #80: Morg

Card #81: Namor

Card #82: Nebula

Card #83: Night Thrasher

Card #84: Nightcrawler

Card #85: Nightwatch

Card #86: Nova

Card #87: Odin

Card #88: Penance

Card #89: Phoenix

Card #90: Professor X

Card #91: Prowler

Card #92: Psi-Lord

Card #93: Psylocke

Card #94: Punisher

Card #95: Punisher 2099

Card #96: Quasar

Card #97: Random

Card #98: Ravage 2099

Card #99: Red Skull

Card #100: Rhino