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Jack Davis: Boo!

Jack Davis – Boo!

As this website is almost a year old (our first anniversary is on the 23rd January), and as this is my 75th post, I think it’s only fitting that I mark the occasion with the help of cartoonist and comic book legend Jack Davis. Not only am I a great fan of his work but his 1952 Tales From The Crypt story provides the title for this site. Continue reading Jack Davis: Boo!

‘Tain’t The Meat… It’s The Humanity!

'Tain't The Meat front cover

Seattle based publisher Fantagraphics are currently reprinting
EC’s hugely influential line of comics from the 1950’s –
this is the fourth volume in their EC Comics Library

‘Tain’t The Meat… It’s The Humanity!
and other stories illustrated by Jack Davis

Fantagraphic’s EC Comics Library collection continues with ‘Tain’t The Meat… It’s The Humanity! showcasing artist Jack Davis’ work from the comic publisher’s seminal 1950s horror anthology Tales From The Crypt. Continue reading ‘Tain’t The Meat… It’s The Humanity!

Paperback covers #5: The Martian Tales of Edgar Rice Burroughs

A Princess of Mars

A series looking at some of my favourite book covers
and cover artists.

#5 Michael Whelan’s John Carter paperback covers from 1979

1912 was a good year for Edgar Rice Burroughs. After several uneventful years eking out a living as a ranch hand and other low income jobs, he turned his hand to writing fiction and in the space of a year saw the publication of his two most famous creations. One, a British Lord raised by apes in the African jungle, would quickly become a global phenomenon. The other, a Virginian gentlemen who travels to Mars, would take a little longer to achieve public recognition. Continue reading Paperback covers #5: The Martian Tales of Edgar Rice Burroughs

Marvel Team-Up portfolio, set two (1982)

 Marvel Team-Up portfolio set two cover

The more I keep digging through my old comic stuff the more Marvel Portfolios I find. This one was published in 1982 by SQP (who seem to have cornered the market in portfolios in the early ’80s) and named after Marvel Comics’ long running title Marvel Team-Up which starred Spider-Man paired with another Marvel character – although only two of the prints in this collection are directly inspired by the title. Continue reading Marvel Team-Up portfolio, set two (1982)

The movie poster art of Robert McGinnis

Live and Let Die (1973)

During his long and celebrated career Robert McGinnis has painted over 1000 paperback covers for authors such as Elmore Leonard, Donald Westlake and Erle Stanley Gardner, covering subjects as diverse as crime, thrillers, gothic horror and romance. Over the last few decades a healthy collectors market has sprung up and books featuring his artwork are now quite valuable (click here for more on McGinnis’ book covers). Continue reading The movie poster art of Robert McGinnis