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Kidrobot’s Day of the Dead Homer

 Day of the Dead Homer, with box

Kidrobot have been releasing vinyl toys based on characters from The Simpsons for over six years now, in both three-inch (sold in blind boxes) and limited edition six-inch versions. Their choice of which character receives the oversized treatment has always been a little eccentric (their Homer Buddha for example) but Day of the Dead Homer surely takes the biscuit, or churro if you’d prefer. Continue reading Kidrobot’s Day of the Dead Homer

Stripped (2014)

Stripped, theatrical poster

Since their debut in the late 19th century American newspaper cartoon strips has enjoyed a level of respectability and adoration not afforded to many other forms of popular entertainment. A new documentary, Stripped,  attempts to examine the reasons for the success of this enduring and much-loved art form, while also considering the challenges that the medium faces in the future. Continue reading Stripped (2014)