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2000AD comic, Prog #204 (21st March 1981)

This year marks the 40th anniversary of the launch of 2000AD, the weekly British science fiction anthology comic. For the last four decades 2000AD has been a mainstay of the British science fiction scene, and is responsible for introducing hundreds of characters to British comic book readers — including Judge Dredd, Strontium Dog, ABC Warriors, Rogue Trooper — as well as launching the careers of some of the comic book industry’s biggest creative talents. To help celebrate this landmark anniversary, Taint the Meat will spend the next few weeks showcasing ‘The Galaxy’s Greatest Comic’, beginning with a closer look at this classic issue, Prog #204. Continue reading 2000AD comic, Prog #204 (21st March 1981)

Topps Krazy Little Comics (1967)


In the mid-1960’s bubblegum giant Topps attempted to capitalise on the popularity of superhero comics with a range of gifts that would feature humorous parodies of some of the industry’s most popular characters. But rather than cashing-in on the new boom in superhero comics they instead learned an expensive lesson in legal due diligence.

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