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2000AD/Robo-Hunter action figure by 3A

This year marks the 40th anniversary of 2000AD, the British weekly science-fiction anthology comic, and here at Taint the Meat we’re celebrating this milestone by taking a look at some cool 2000AD merchandise. This week it’s the turn of this Robo-Hunter action figure from 3A. Continue reading 2000AD/Robo-Hunter action figure by 3A


Lego: The Beatles Yellow Submarine


Over the last decade or so Lego has experienced an impressive upswing of popularity in modern culture. Those small multicoloured building blocks have spawned theme parks, cartoons, computer games and a surprisingly existential movie, released in 2014. Thanks mainly to some canny licensing deals — such as Star Wars, Marvel and DC Comics, to name a few — the Lego brand is now one of the most recognisable in the world. So when the company announced a few months ago that it was going to release a set featuring The Beatles Yellow Submarine, the reaction of fans wasn’t so much why, as when? Continue reading Lego: The Beatles Yellow Submarine