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Kidrobot’s The Simpsons Zombie Family


The Simpsons Zombie Family designer toys were originally included in Kidrobot‘s second collection of Simpson’s figures in 2010. Originally released in blind-boxes all five characters – Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie – have now been collected together in one box set. Continue reading Kidrobot’s The Simpsons Zombie Family

Regular Show

The cast from Regular Show
The cast from Regular Show


I’ve been a fan of JG Quintel’s off-beat cartoon Regular Show since I discovered it while watching the entries from Cartoon Network’s Cartoonstitute new pilot scheme a couple of years ago. The Cartoonstitute project is initiated every couple of years as a means of attracting new talent to the network: animators are given a limited budget and commissioned to create a seven minute cartoon with no editorial interference of any kind. The best cartoons are then optioned as possible series. Regular Show was by far the best of the last batch and it’s now in it’s fourth season (each series consists of forty ten-minute episodes) with a fifth season already commissioned. Continue reading Regular Show