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Judge Dredd and Judge Death candles (1980’s)

Judge Dredd and Judge Death candles

The mission statement of ‘TaintTheMeat.com has always been Comics, Movies, Toys and other Miscellaneous Curiosities… well you don’t get much more miscellaneous or curious that this.
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Dredd (2012)


“It’s all a deep end”

My introduction to the 22nd century Mega-City One lawman came via a copy of the 2000AD Annual from 1978, a Christmas gift from a relative. Although the two Judge Dredd stories were interesting they didn’t have that much of an impact on me. Rather it was the Dan Dare and MACH 1 stories that caught my eye. Saying that though, the graphic scene from the Dredd story ‘Whitey’s Brother’ where the villain gets disintegrated did creep me out. Continue reading Dredd (2012)