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Topps Krazy Little Comics (1967)


In the mid-1960’s bubblegum giant Topps attempted to capitalise on the popularity of superhero comics with a range of gifts that would feature humorous parodies of some of the industry’s most popular characters. But rather than cashing-in on the new boom in superhero comics they instead learned an expensive lesson in legal due diligence.

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Marvel bubblegum stickers (1976)

Marvel Stickers 1976 box

It’s been another busy work week so this post will have to be a quick side-trip down memory lane. In the mid-Seventies US chewing gum and trading card manufacturer Topps (who were better known as Bazooka in the UK) licensed images from Marvel Comics to produce a set of collectable stickers featuring the publisher’s range of popular super-heroes and villains (and, for some reason, Kid Colt). Continue reading Marvel bubblegum stickers (1976)