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The Simpsons Stamps (2009)

The Simpsons hit its 20th anniversary in 2009 and to celebrate the United States Postal Service released five eye-catching stamps featuring the world’s most popular cartoon family.  Continue reading The Simpsons Stamps (2009)

Marvel Comics Super Heroes stamps (2007)

Marvel Comics Stamps 2007
Marvel Comics Stamps 2007

In the 55 years since their creation Marvel superheroes have appeared in every form of media and on a dizzying variety of products and merchandising. Apart from comics, they have appeared in books, cartoons, movies, board games, posters, trading cards as well as cereal packets, drinks cartoons, sweet wrappers, clothing, shoes — anything with a printed image really. But in 2007 ten of Marvel’s most popular characters made the move to true mainstream acceptance when they appeared on 20 official US Postal Service stamps.

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